PWRA Sponsors Huntsville Contractor Workshop November 9, 10 2012

We are pleased to announce that the PWRA will sponsor Jeremy Kiefer’s marketing and networking event in Huntsville, AL!

Topics covered will include:
[]Out of the Box Marketing
]Motivation for SUCCESS
[]Building a PW Website
]Quickbooks tutorial
[]Commercial Sales Strategies
]What You Need to Know about the DOT
[]Direct Mail Strategies and Implementation
]Consultative Residential Sales
[*]and MORE!
Registration will be up soon, so watch for it!

Thad, the dates for this event is Nov. 9-10th for the seminar and Nov. 11th will feature 2 paid in-depth classes. The 2 paid classes will be a 4-hour in depth repair course with Russ Johnson from Southside Equipment. This class will feature a detailed breakdown of the 4 major components of your pressure washer…engine, pump, burner, and electrical. THIS CLASS IS A MUST HAVE FOR ALL LEAD TECHS AND SUPERVISORS!!!

The second class will be an 8 hour detailed for our industry quick books seminar. You will learn how to unlock quick books to help you save time, money, and frustration by taking this class! Most quick books seminars focus on stuff our industry doesn’t need like inventory and point of sale information. This will be only for what our industry needs!

I dont use hot water but would like to learn more about the engine and pump. Who is giving the QB seminar?

The Quickbooks seminar will be put on by a company that is a certified Quickbooks instructor that all they handle is accounting and Quickbooks training.

Keep in mind, these 2 classes are separate from the actual workshop and are paid classes to attend. We will be releasing the speakers and topics for the workshop very soon!

This repair course is going to be good …

Btw, the Sunday paid classes (Quickbooks and Russ’s repair/maintenance class) are OPEN for anyone to attend. Just the Workshop on Friday and Saturday are invitation only or to PWRA members. All three days are going to be LEGENDARY!!!

Have fun with your invite/member only event …I’ll have to catch this education another way …

On the huntsville workshop site it doesnt show the classes as “paid”

How much extra is the repair class?

Trey, I don’t have those up yet as I am still trying to figure out some details about them. Trying to keep it to a minimum…I think the repair class will be around $149 for the 4 hour class. Will let you know as soon as we get the details ironed out.

It will definitely be worth it though! One repair that you can fix will save you that much from a repair shop. My average PW repair shop bill is around $200-300 when I have something go down, not including my employees down time that I am paying for while we try to fix or find the problem. ALL my employees will be required to take this class if that tells you how important I think it is…