PWRA Post card made available?

This card is out of stock PWRA Make Your House Sparkle Large Card - Large Postcards - PWRA PW Association - Business
When will it be made available again and what’s the cost to PWRA Members? My boss wants to know:)

Are you logged in when you view it? For me, it says it’s in stock.

That probably doesn’t matter tho. You should be able to buy it even though it’s $0.00 for PWRA members. Then Kate will send you an email with a link to download it.

It does matter. The cards are available ONLY to PWRA members so until you log in, you are out of luck.

John, have Kathy log in and download the card. Then get a hold of Stepahanie and have her put your info on the card, then order through the PWRA.

Good people, great products, and the print savings are pretty good too.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Sorry about the poor graphics, but did you every try to draw on an iPad with your forefinger before your first cup of coffee?

PS, coffee doesn’t really make it any better.

Edit to add; I posted in the private forum with even more finger painted illustrations on how to download.

THANKS & a BIG HUG TIMBO…from the boss that is:D

after you purchase, how long before you actually receive the art?

Initial proof is usually available within two business days.