PWRA New Benefit Partnership with Logomotive Promotions

[COLOR=#666666][FONT=Arial]The PWRA pressure washers association is proud to announce a new benefit and partnership with Logomotive promotions. Logomotive promotions supplies uniforms and a full line of embroidered apparel to the window cleaning and pressure washing industry. They have been kind enough to extend a 7% discount on all services to PWRA association members. They specialize in working with the pressure washing industry. T shirts, sweat shirts, button downs and polos are available.[/FONT][/COLOR]
[COLOR=#666666][FONT=Arial]Please checkout website for a full description of their services.

Not a PWRA Member? Get signed up here: Pressure Washing Association[/FONT][/COLOR]

I am excited to be offering PWRA members this benefit. I have posted in the private forum how to enter the members area. We offer a full line of branding and marketing products. So stop by our website or give me a call at 518-396-0972.

Thanks Clark we are looking forward to working with you…

Same here. I’m glad we could get this benefit set up.

Looks like a winner combination. Clark I will be looking to you to take over our shirt orders since I am going to cut lose with the lady I dealt with since I’ve been in business. She’s trying to get me to pay for a whole new bluestone Porch ($1800) she had installed because we can’t get out two tiny house stains that dripped on it after my guys stained her house. Been there 5 times already and because it’s a Cabot Hybrid stain it’s not budging. The last time I hit it with 200 degree after trying different Chemicals and the 2 stains have even faded on their own. There just about gone but she is being unreasonable… And I think their hurting for cash but when they try to be very unreasonable I shut down. My insurance company is going to laugh because the stains are not really visible.

Expect a call from me sometime early in the new year. You don’t so business cards by any chance do you?

John, we do business cards, signs, banners retractable banners. Just about anything you need for branding and marketing your business.

Clark, can orders be made online? I need some new shirts for myself and my employees.

To order you need to give me a call 518-396-0972 I am working on online ordering which should be available in the near future.

Sounds good, Clark. We are in the process of rebranding our company including changing our business name. We’ll be in touch as soon as this is finalized.

Here are a few of this weeks projects. We do more than screen printing.

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Looks really.good

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thank you

Clark, please PM me with pricing on one color front/ two color back 50/50 black shirts.

PM Sent

Great prices, Clark!

Our goal is to be competitive in all markets.

Just contacted Mike for some great stuff for NOLA… Hopefully everything works out well.

Alex thanks for calling today. Mike will take good care of you.