PWRA Intro to Powerwashing 101

We had a open community webinar last week. You can catc […]


Really well prepared Alex. Nice job. I was not able to join the live webinar, It’s great to be able to listen at my time. Thanks for the information.

Thanks Alex for putting on the webinar. Good Job!

Hey Guys just bumping this thread. ANy questions or ideas for the next webinar?

Hey Alex, yeah actually I did have a question from the webinar:

How do you handle windows when soft washing a house? Assuming the customer does not want exterior window cleaning afterward, how do you avoid leaving bad spots, etc, on the glass? What’s the standard procedure?

Great webinar by the way!

Go ahead and spray them down with the house wash but use freshwash from Then rinse the house and the windows together when you get to the bottom just re rinse the windows again. They will look alot better and dry really nice. Just make sure not to let the house wash dry on the windows. If you in really sun areas rinse the windows before you apply the house wash. Key to windows is rinsing.

Very helpful, thanks Alex.

Great presentation