PWRA east coast BBQ pics/ recap

The first PWRA BBQ was a fun get together. When I showed up I think I brought the torrential rain with me. I got there about 1:45pm which was only about 3 hrs late–DOH!! If it wasnt for Mike Pontillo telling me where it was at since my 2 gps’s were taking me somewhere else in the mountains I would have never got there.

I met some nice guys and ladies there. Its nice to put a face to the ones you post with on the net such as Kate from the PWRA and Clark Hussey a PWRA member from NY. Chris and Alex have a nice set-up with there warehouse and office space. They even had enough room in the office to play that “Cornhole game” Speaking of that Chris and his partner in the game(I’m hitting a blank what her name was but a real nice person) took down me and Stewart right handed by crushing us 21-3. So we rematched them and took them down lefthanded 21-10. Cool game to have in the office:cool:

The conversations were good with guys talking shop and sharing ideas(The beauty of these events) and the excitement of the PWRA was in the air along with the smell of cooked sausage(Yum).

I wish I got there earlier and as it was I got into NY city later then I wanted to because I had to measure out an unusual park for yearly cleanings–but I got there late because I was having to much fun talking shop.

The PWRA is here to stay and the benefits just keep getting better. My PWRA membership is another added valuable tool for my business.
Enjoy the pics;)

Very good event. Looking forward to the next one.