PWRA Convention possibilities in the future?

Hey Guys-- I like to ask alot of questions can you tell:rolleyes:

The PWNA is having there Convention next year at the same place they had it this year which was in the Embassy Suites hotel in Orlando fl.

The UAMCC-- clueless because I haven’t kept up with them as of late. I did ask them about what there plans are on that and related some thoughts I had on that as well over on PWI. Probably should have asked them on the UAMCC bb but I haven’t been there in months so there’s going to be pages of unread post I’ll get when I go back there and for all I know it’s already been discussed there as well.

The PWRA has been having some kick azz RT’s and of course the NOLA event coming up(can’t wait for that one) but do they have any plans or ideas on having a Convention and what dates possibly and what cities are being discussed as potential places to have it?

Shoot me now but I try to plan what I do with family and business trips as far as 6 months out if I can so I can schedule other things in as well.

So any thoughts on this one yet?

I know there have been some talks about it. I think Location is the biggest thing. Close to a Airport, Close to a Place to have it and close to a hotel. Also things for people to do and places to go.

Stay tuned for more details…

I think you will be seeing our first ever large event this year John.

We are still pinning down the date.

Will a disco ball be at this event ?

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So what would you like to see at a national convention?

"How to” classes?
Advanced business topics?
Trade show?
Breakout sessions?
Lower cost or fancy, ritzy location?

Throw it out there, let’s dream a little on the first day of 2013!

how to classes forsure, that way a guy can bring an employee to learn something. marketing stuff of course, seeing what other guys are doing in other markets. trade show to me dosent really matter, figure the guys going will be pretty set up and there are other places for the trade show atmosphere. Low cost, more people the better, and hell, were pressure washers /window cleaners… nothin too fancy :wink:

I say make it a trade show and make it cutting edge as in interesting. One of my ideas was to bring the cocktail/bar right into the trade show itself. That was one of my ideas that worked when I was on the UAMCC convention committee. We got sponsors for everything mostly and on that cocktail/bar during the trade show every adult who signed up for the trade show got two tickets for two drinks. If you wanted more you paid. If you didn’t want your tickets you could give them to a fellow Powerwasher there at the Convention. Also those tickets were for cokes & sodas as well. These keeps that atmosphere moving, social and interesting.

So get more distributors involved with the PWRA. You want to take this a step further and I done this in the past in Dallas with the PWNA/IWCA where you do a two team Convention which is a winner for all. In this case the PWRA/WCRA should do this first one together. The more the merrier. conventions are not just any old RT or get together,event or what ever the local youkles want to call them. True Conventions are known to be larger and much more organized then most anything that is done all year. There the “SuperBowl” of your industry if done right.
I say with nothing but somber national news-- screw the negativity!! Lets do a cost effective and a nice size convention this year because smart people know you can also make this like a little getaway as well to network with friends and maybe make a ton more money and they can also write off the expenses. So like MJ use to show in those Nike commercials-- Just do it!