PWRA closing in a 100 members already!

PWRA is growing at a pretty rapid pace. Almost 100 members!! The more we get the more we all gain from it as in added benny’s etc.

Anyone that hasn’t joined yet but is on the fence can you tell us why that is? Is there a certain Benny your looking for maybe? Are you waiting for your season to get started again before you join? What’s got you on the fence?

If you guys are serious about being in business, then you need to get off the fence and just DO IT !!! The benefits are so worth it. The cost of the membership will be made up as soon as you take advantage of the member benefits. And the information that is not available to non members is worth the price alone. GET OFF THE FENCE!!!

Best decision that any business owner can make

I just joined. I was on the fence for a while because of the cost and trying to convince myself that I would reap the benefits of it and make money. I have looked over the benefits but not in detail. I aim to do that in the next week or so.

Thats dynamite!

Welcome to the PWRA.

Thad & Chris are are good folks and are doing really good things to promote the growth of small business owners across the US. I really didn’t join to take advantage of the great benefits at PWRA but to help support the Awesome work they are doing for the Contractors.

Great Job Guys!!!

Guy is one of the good guys. Can I nominate my good brother for another 6 liters?

Hey thanks Guy!

Yeah, but you can’t hang out with the cool kids without trying the benefits.
Peer pressure, you know.

C’mon, Guy. Just a little at cost printing. Some free ResponsiBid won’t hurt ya!
Your parents won’t find out…

Had all my marketing materials printed and ready in Dec. I will absolutely take advantage of these Super Benefits soon though.

Again you guys are doing Great things and I support you 100%!!!

I’m with Guy, I don’t know even know how to login to find the benefits haha, I’m just glad to help support the PWRA and what it’s doing for the guys needing help. I’m still waiting on that postcard I can send to keep people from calling me :wink:

Hey Charlie… Do you have your welcome packet? You should have received that by email… Let me know if you havent and I will resend it to you… It shows how exactly to get your downloads, materials and make the best use of everything.

We also offer a on boarding phone call, and in about 15 minutes we can get you completely up to speed. Let me know if you would like to take advantage of that.

I sent it to him. He’s just trying to throw me under the bus, as usual.

Haha Thad explained it to me at one point Im just easily confused.

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