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John Tornabene Clean County Power Washing - Homepage | Clean County Power Washing is here

you don’t need a PWRA membership to check in here. This check in is for all who come to this bb

[John Marston. URL=“” 278-1137](
A Brunswick County Pressure Washing Company
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Deck Maintenance

Josh Davis. Josh Davis Roof Cleaning & Pressure Washing

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John Devine, All Washed Up NY

John Devine.

Micah Kommers - EcoClean in Greenville, South Carolina. Greenville Pressure Washing

Is this for sales info?

John K Wyatt
All Washed Up
Tulsa OK

Luke Flory
Cleantec, Ltd.
West Manchester, OH

Lol…Just seeing who’s around.

[MENTION=2754]John T.[/MENTION]:confused:

Basically to get lurkers to post which helps the bulletin boards to get more traffic. Been doing that for years for the owners of these sites. This is the first time I also added in an association membership so to maybe get some of them who don’t post to maybe post a little by making this easier on them to join in.

It’s always a numbers game IMO but just as important on these more professional sites such as this one you want professional discussions which is what most of us are interested in. Facebook corners the market on drama whereas a few of these Powerwashing bulletin boards in the most part are strictly businesses related.

I could be wrong on that since I haven’t gone on Facebook yet…gulp.

I understand - it makes sense.

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