PWRA big time benefit

I had a few people recommend Anya’s from to take care of some marketing for us. The two people who always give it to me straight and man can they give it at times Guy Blackmon and Thad Eckhoff both recommended her with Thad telling me that Anya doesn’t beat around the bush… Another words she shoots straight.

Because of their recommendations and their no nonsense style no matter what we agree or don’t agree upon, my wife and I along with Anya and another office personal had our Conference call today. Afterwords Guy guaranteed me I won’t be disappointed. I don’t need a guarantee from Guy cause his word and sometimes caustic style is good enough for me.

End result we’ll be saving at least $700 because of our PWRA membership
What I can tell you is that this small investment will return over a $100,000 in profits because of alot of factors.

So what else do I get for my PWRA membership beside exposure thru linking and there contractors web page that list our businesses?
We get our continuous 5% discount from and soon will be getting another PWRA benefit with dscounts for shirts/hats from Clark right here @

Lastly if anyone reads this and their considering signing up with the
And you do sign up mention my name and you not only get some great benny’s you also get the coolest shirt on the planet and for an added Benny you can have mine as well for recommending you(crying my eyes out cause I love those shirts).
Any doubts or questions you may have feel free to call me or better yet call the PWRA direct.

Let’s build this association some more…together…because the strength is always in the numbers