PWNA Convention is coming up soon. R U Attending?

The PWNA is having there Convention in 5 weeks from today. You can go to there website for details. Is anyone on the fence about going and also who signed up so far? My wife and I along with Linda Ruth Tosetti and her Husband Andy are going once again and hope to see some of you there.

I might consider it if it wasn’t so soon after the PWRA Event that Jeremy Kiefer is hosting in Huntsville, AL November 9,10.

The PWRA is bringing to the table Perry Tait from Future of Cleaning in Shanghai, Curt Kempton from ResponsiBid, and April Dodson of BidSlot Marketing- all previous NOLA speakers plus Michael Kreisle from FCPWLLC and also lil ole me.

Tell Michael I said hello. I wonder what he thinks these days about the UxxCC org?

I can’t repeat it here.

Lol… Cause your being watched by an Avatar that looks craaaazzzzy…errr no not mine;)

We will be there John