PW interior of Demoed Homes

Let me start this thread off with the fact that I live in Houston. Hurricane Harvey wrecked our city. So many people are living in a daydream and having to rebuild their homes and lives. By the grace of God my family and home was sparred. But so many of my friends and family are working to rebuild.

As of now there are thousands of homes being Demoed, removing the belongings and removing all of the sheet rock and carpets. The restoration effort is enormous.

The reason I am writing today is to find resources, literature, mentors, on what is required to rehab the interiors and remove the mold. Are there resources as a member of the PWRA?

I spoke with a restoration company today that uses steam to wash the wood, a recovery system to remove the water and a moldicide and fungicide to treat the areas.

What else is there to this process?

To be honest, I am not going to attempt this or market myself in this endeavor. I’ll leave the interiors to these professionals and continue to work the exteriors by doing house washes and concrete work. I hope and expect to be very busy.

So the topic is how to use a pressure washer in the interior of a home for the purpose of mold remediation. Go and God Bless.

Since this is Houston… I will put on my serious hat.

Pressure washing is rarely suitable for INTERIOR cleaning… and never suitable for use on the materials you have described, sheet rock, wood and carpet.

The main goal with flood damage is to REMOVE water and debris.

Pressure washing will ADD water… and the pressure will force more water through those porous materials.

Scoop or shovel to remove the bulk of the dirt.
Water can be used with vacuum extraction.

Low volumes of water can be used to rinse surfaces, maybe with detergent … but again you’ve got to remove that water.

Microban, Triclosan and their competitors contain a chemical called Benzylkonium Chloride which ruptures the cell walls of simple organisms like mold to kill them.

It’s used very differently to Sodium Hypochlorite. I believe America has lots of rules around who hasn’t permission to use it.

It’s an interesting topic… but not for dabbling in unless you are doing DIY repairs to you OWN property.

Obviously pressure washing may be appropriate for use on non porus surfaces when additional water will not be a problem. Examples… exterior concrete carpark, tilt slab concrete buildings with concrete floors

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I may have been unclear. The use of steam is done only after the home is gutted to the studs. It’s done in conjunction with a recovery system to remove the excess water. They then apply the microbial solutions.

They mentioned that they had to be certified to perform this activity and to be recognized by the insurance company.

We went through Sandy …the best mold remidiation is bleach…50/50 in a pump up sprayer and spray on studs etc…if the homes are on a slab I’m sure you could Rinse off floor and out doorway we have basements up here so more water would have done damage …most of the Power Washing was done on the exterior, fences houses etc…getting rid of flood scum…hope this helps

Another option that introduces vastly less water is Electrostatic Misting using water and Vital Oxide- the Solution used after the Anthrax attacks in DC. I went to Liberia during the Ebola outbreak to assist Dr’s w/out Borders to decontaminate people and buildings using ESS’s Electrostatic Misting Equipment. They use it on a plethora of uses from Black Mold to simple disinfection of Cruise Ships during the 4 hours they have to mist upwards of 2000 cabins.

Good Luck!

Greg in SC


That’s good to know. Thanks for serving with doctors without borders.

It was an opportunity of a lifetime. The ESS manufactured equipment was incredibly effective vs. SH and Electrostatic Misting is a fantastic technology originally developed for Agriculture but adapted to multiple uses…SH has a very short residual life as compared to Vital Oxide. The Electrostatic Misting method is 10-30x faster than direct application of SH…that’s why the Cruise Ship industry uses it. Good luck and stay safe.