PW event near charlotte, NC


I came across this event


Anyone coming?


I am. A buddy mentioned it a couple weeks ago and it’s relatively close, so were going.


I will be attending too.
Where u located?


Man I wish I was able to make it… that looks like it would be well worth the trip !!


Im going i hope. I already registered to go a couple of weeks ago. Just hope work gives me the days off


Hoping to stay at great wolf lodge with wife and kids. But not booking till i know for sure if i have the days off.


Is there a cost? I see the cost of the Wolf Lodge per night but I live in Charlotte not far from the Wolf Lodge.


Nope free. Meals included.


Cool…I’ll put it on my calendar


Never been to one, I am curious.
Hope to see you guys there.


Yeah I’m thinking about going. Might only be able to make it on the Friday


Fridays going to be the better day anyways. Atleast for me according to the line up.


45min for me…so I am just driving and sleeping at home


That’s probably a 16 hour drive for me. Haha. I may wait until a good one comes around up here !


10 min for me


Lucky ! That sounds like an awsome time ! And it’s at the wolf lodge too !


Its confirmed im going!!! Booking hotel in the morning for friday


Thanks for the info. Just registered.


1 week to go