PW becoming more popular

For the first time our PW / Roof Cleaning Services are booked out farther than our window cleaning services. Its nice to finally be out booking our window cleaning division.

Anyone else notice an uptick this year?

Ive been running 2-3 weeks out on house washing and roof cleaning all season.

Thats awesome Clark!

How busy is your epoxy floor service?

Epoxy floors we are doing 1 a week. Which is where I want to be with them. I raised the prices on them this year and figured I would see a reduction in bookings.

We are not booked that far out or even pwing every week right now, but we will come close to doubling our pwashing totals from last year.

Beginning the hunt for vehicle to dedicate to the service.

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PW’ing is one of the main reasons we are going to be close to doubling up this year!

If I would have it my way, we would be doing more and more pw’ing.

We will do much better with window cleaning getting I hop and Wendys do clean once a month.