Pump rebuild

Hey guys, just wondering how hard it is to repack a pump. Mine has lost pressure, it’s 9 years old, and I need to do this. Just wondering if it is something I can handle or do I need to take it to the shop? Any special tools needed? I am mechanically inclined to an extent. Also it is a General TS 1511 pump. Any tips or help is appreciated.

Surprisingly easy but not something that can be explained on the computer. If you need it running now take it to your local shop. Maybe you could ask to see the re-build in process.

You can buy the re-build DVD the general- pump company has or go to youtube and search “Pressure Washer Pump Re-Build” there is a step by step there.

Thanks Guy. I did watch the vids on youtube but they said you needed some special tools. Just wondering if there was a way to do it without them.

What about the people that sold u the rebuild kit. Can they tell you what you will need…

I haven’t bought a kit yet. Not sure if I am gonna do it or take it to the shop. I am 3/4 the way through a driveway so I need it ASAP.

I would check on a new pump prices… They have been to good to rebuild a old pump…

If you know what you’re doing it should only take about 30-45 mins to re-pack your pump. Seal Extractors, and seal insertion tools would be recommended for your first few re-builds…IMO.

Update on the pump. Took it to the shop and my unloader was bad. I might still change the packing over the winter anyway since the pump has so much time on it.

Sounds like a good plan. As mentioned earlier in the thread, new pump prices tend to encourage me to go new (and keep working with minimal downtime)… The there’s plenty time in the off season to repair your old one to become a reasonable backup (for not much $). Plus, after an 8 year relationship, perhaps there is some emotional attachment? Haha

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