Pump question:

This is the first machine I’ve had that is raised. As usual, I will periodically clean the filter but of course all the water in the supply line drains when you unscrew the filter, leaving no water at the pump. My question is will the pump just pull the water up when I turn the machine on? And if so, is it ok for the pump to run dry for that period of time until the pump does pull the water up?

It should pull it if the pump is belt/gear driven, and the pump will be fine for those few seconds. You can always throw a ball-valve on the other side of that filter too

Hadn’t thought of the ball valve. Brilliant. Thank you.

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Check valve

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That’s not a bad idea either! If you use a check valve, make sure it’s a swing-type or full-flow design. A spring loaded one will decrease your flow



Nuff said

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Simplest fix in the world lol

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You drove a long way for that machine didn’t you?

It’s like skid-ception. It’s a skid on top of a skid on top of a skid!


Raleigh is about 3 1/2 hours from me…so not too bad. What’s 3 1/2 hours every 3k hours, ya know? There’s a local pressure wash store right down the road but they’re literally just pressure pros rebranded and go for $4800. MVPs machines have a stainless steel frame, Udor pump, green spring unloader, easy access belt guard etc. Plus they’ll do any fabrication you need right there on site. I’m a fan of MVP if you can’t tell.


Yeah. Those guys are awesome. Anytime I’ve asked, they’ve helped me out. I’m lucky though. I live within an hour of at least two of their locations. Their machines are absolutely built well.