Pump problems

Well today I was halfway through doing a driveway and I noticed the machine was bogging down while holding the trigger, I let off and there’s milky oil coming out of the pump (I think through the filler)

Anyone have a simple diagnosis? If it’s the pump i’m going convert to belt driven…

Sounds like you have oil leaking into the pump.

Havent took apart the pump yet, either way it’s time for an upgrade…

Ordered a gear box and a GP 8gpm from Powerwash.com…going from 3.5gpm to 8 is going to be nice :slight_smile:

What did that run you?

A hefty $988…

Might be the best money I spent though lol.

Don’t the gearboxes turn at closer to 1450 rpm as opposed to belt drive at 1700 rpm?

Is so, wouldn’t your gpm be less than 8?

Whatever the gpm is, I am quite sure that you will be impressed.

I think you may have that backwards. Belt driven pumps are usually set to spin around 1450 RPM’s. You can change that of course by using different size pulleys. Belt driven pumps generally last the longest because they are spinning the slowest. Direct drive pumps are pretty much garbage for the contract cleaner because there spinning at the same RPM’s(3600) as the engine which cause direct drive pumps to by far have the shortest life Span.

Gear driven pumps are a major space saver but they also spin the pumps faster which leads to a shorter life Span. Gear driven is ok but belt driven is the best as far as longevity goes and how many hours you get out of a pump. Time=money and the longer then pump runs the more money it’s going to make.

I’m pretty sure both have about the same reduction…

Plus, what I have been reading…you can’t break a gear drive on a low HP machine like a 13 horse (what i’m using)