Pump problems & questions for you mechanical dudes

1- Pump A if you close ball valve it registers 3500 psi. When you open ball valve the pressure sputters.
I checked the filter and water flow to pump and all is good. I’m thinking unloader is malfunctioning so I’ll start there. What do you guys think?

2-Pump B no water at all comes out.
Everything checks out fine for water feed to pump. Not even a drop of water comes out. Does this pump need a complete rebuild?

I’m no expert but let me ask…have these units been running this year?

Pump A…Check the bypass water going into your buffer tank. Is it sputtering there? Were you just running water at no pressure out of the hose or under pressure? If not Put the correct nozzle on a gun and check psi under psi. See if it fluctuates then. Check feed line from tank to pump for air leaks.

Pump B…If this unit is just coming out of Winter storage it may be air locked, fill buffer tank to put some force on the water going to the tank, or unhook the tank and slap a garden hose on it and force the water in the pump. Once it catches hook the tank back up.

That’s all I got Man, hope it’s nothing major.

The Pump B is one of my main Powerwashers. It’s used almost everyday on the flatbed. At the end of the garage we cleaned last week within minutes both of these pumps went down…at the very end of the garage so maybe I got lucky… I think.

Pump A-- I did exactly what you suggested about the feed line. I actually changed it out because I have extra 1.25" hose.

Both right now are a mystery. I hope to take Pump A and see what’s wrong with it tomorrow. Pump B is on the Flatbed and the guys are out all week finishing residential for July 4th coming up so I can’t get to it until the weekend at the very least.

Have another huge Garage to do that starts on the 13th(hate sunday night starts) that’s going to last aprox 2 weeks. Pressure(no pun intended) is on to get these fixed by then.

Thanks for the suggestions :slight_smile:

Update on the Pump problems: Pump B–I changed out the unloader and nothing changed. When I checked the lines which have a couple of ball valves on it… I found the problem. A ball valve lever which was open the ball valve was closed. It was broken. I got lucky in a way on that one. I replace the ball valve and alls good.

Pump A- also changed the unloader and nothing changed. Next thing is I’ll open up the pump to see what’s going on in there.