Pump oil question

I have a comet pump with an oil level indicator. I filled the oil to the red dot when the machine is off, however when the machine is running and I am pulling the trigger, the oil goes all the way to the bottom. Is this normal?

As long as the sight glass shows half full with machine turned off it doesn’t matter what it shows when it is running… It’s just an oil bath system

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Thanks, I overfilled and will fix this issue tomorrow. I am swapping out the engine and pump oil every 20-30 hours. Hopefully this will keep it running longer.

I change engine oil every 50 hours. Pump oil every 500 hours

How long does a standard engine last with good maintenance. I am assuming you have been in the business a while and have some experience with them failing.

I haven’t learned anything at them except a couple Bob did in the early 2000’s, but the few I went to was to socialize. Last one I went to was in Charleston SC. I’m a little cheap so i brought spam to eat and slept in a tent behind the Marriot. @GuyB let me use his shower I believe.

I am new to the industry so I feel that it may help me out. Do you feel as though this would be good for a beginner?

Will this help me identify niches that I can specialize in?

Can’t answer that for you. Dont know how you learn. I trust nothing a vendor tells me until i prove it myself. That’s just me. I’m ornery.

I was not hoping to speak with venders. Maybe get some ideas from them.

What I really want is some time with people who are successful and can give me advice.

Lol…read the manual

Briggs about 2500 hours. Kohlers and Hondas about 3500 hours. Udor pumps about 5000 hours

How dare you leave out ryobi, about to go wash some apartments with my electric beast tomorrow. Plus I don’t have to worry about engine oil so that means I’ll get done faster!


@BTBPropertyService ha you goin “green” ?

Vendors are awesome. Why wouldn’t you talk to them? Local vendors are dealing with every other company in your area, knows more about the local market than any company under 2-3 years old easily, and a lot of them test the stuff they sell.

I am looking to speak with people who are making a profit and can offer advice without the end goal of selling a product.

I do trust local vendors to know the market better than me, but I believe there could be some niche things that no one is filling yet.

A good example is gum removal. Every place I go to is littered with gum. No one is cleaning these. It’s either no one is willing to pay for it, or there is a serious lack of supply or awareness of it. Based on my market research, very few are targeting these types of jobs in my area.

That’s a great thing to focus on selling, make sure to add that to your website (gum removal).
On the forum you’ll find the most common used tools, equipment and chems. Read and bookmark what people say are important and try them out yourself. You can access your bookmarks on your profile.
Instead of talking to someone trying to sell you their product, this forum offers you what fellow cleaners have tried and chosen to use or not recommend.

Also the WCRA ( https://shopwindowcleaningresource.com/pressure-washing.html ) has a store you can browse items they’ve chosen to sell, so you can get an idea of what’s used in this industry.

Have you ever done gum removal? It seems like an easy process. I was messing around with it at a friends fast food franchise and even with just hot water and a 40 degree it was coming off. I bet there is a way to speed it up though.

yes, anyone that has done commercial usually has to clean off gum, usually at fast serve restaurants. it’s not too fast of a job since there can be hundreds of gums at a time, but it gets easier if you have recurring clients because then you’re just getting rid of new fresher gums

Chips of gum was flying into my eyes. Sick stuff, getting a face mask.

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