PSA From a Window Cleaner


I was researching the gutter cleaning tool and found this guy Gary from Simply Clean. I am not sure if he is on this forum, but I would like to take this moment to reinforce a truth that you are all aware of already.


See the video below:

Gary from Simply Clean, Cringe.

This video has been viewed over 160,000 times, so I am concerned. I know that the vast majority on this forum know better than to blast windows at close range. But, I would like to be clear:

Windows were not designed to withstand direct water pressure. You can easily break window seals, and cause permanent damage.

If you want to rinse any window, please use the widest tip that you have and, STAND BACK! Seeing this guy get so close to everything with that ridiculously long wand makes me sweat from stress.

Please be kind to our windows, Thanks Guys!


I don’t think he is using enough pressure actually. There really should be no windows or siding left on the house when your done. Maybe it’s his limp wand. :grinning:


Ha ha ha ha ha. Almost spit out my beer. :laughing:


Did you see the chunks of the shingles flying around
@Innocentbystander that’s a sweet lance can you get me one!


Who, what where?


He must be using the “simple green hydrogen peroxide house wash” that ad plays 20 times on every video I watch on YouTube.

I’m guessing y’all see the same ad as they are doing targeted advertising based on your IP addresses search history


That man deserves that red tip trophy


A fleet wash guy maybe?!