ProTool cleaning products

I cant find much info on this product or websites. Most of what I can tell it seems like its marketed to carpet cleaners. Anyone know anything?

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ProTool was my nickname in high school… jk

Why not elemonator homie?


Elemonator is always my standard. Just seen the new pwra pressure washing webstore revamp started selling this protool stuff and I dont know anything about it.

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Shows how much I know. I didn’t know they revamped the store.

I think they are in the middle of it. Looks like a bunch of new products but the pics aren’t up yet.

Word. My kid brother says he’s coming back to KC after he graduates college… I’m gonna start him as a window cleaner so I’m poking around now. The layout is a million times better.

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I see what you’re doing. You’re grooming him in hopes of making an easy sell when the time comes for your “farm” in the Rockies.

Good to hear he’ll be putting his degree to work just like is big brother…lol…Joking aside I’m sure your degree has been helpful in running your business whether you realize it or not.

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True. I joke about not using a finance and economics degree while I’m cleaning stuff to make a living, but everyone knows better.

My “little brother” is 6’3" and wears a size 17 shoe, but he’s one of the clumsiest beanpoles you’ve ever seen. I’m a little afraid actually. He’ll graduate with a psychology degree, but I can still tap him on the wrong shoulder and he’ll fall for it every time. Speaking of grooming he’s going to need a haircut before he gets a squeegee… I love the ding dong, but grooming him to buy the business would be a long, tough road to hoe. Ha!


I did all that window research and practice in Hope’s of landing tons of commercial power washing business from the window cleaning angle. Then a fish franchise opened up here to go along with the 5 or 6 major window cleaners. All hope is lost! Back to the drawing board. At least I have a decent technique cleaning windows now, it’s still a decent residential add on I suppose. Plus nothing is more fun than listening to techno music and cleaning glass.