Does anyone have video or steps to install a proportioner and mix valve the one the power wash store sells??? Also after I get it install I will have a proportioner for sale its the stealth from Jn equipment the one that sells for 349.00 ill sell it for 250 only used on 3 roof washing I can send pictures

Just upgrading to the one from power wash store. Truthfully Joe Biden sent me 1400 hundred for some crazy reason so I blew it on a proportioner the one in stainless steel box

I understand and truthfully I do have second thoughts on blowing 1400 bucks on something just because its in a stainless steel box. I could have put the money to something else I needed or just saved it. Also I think you have helped me a few times on this forum and I thank you. They already took money out of my account for proportioner.

They do want to charge me 500 bucks to install it. The one I have i installed it myself using this website. Hopefully I can do it again without paying them 500

Yea they said its a 5 hour job the one I have now with you guys it was done in no time like you said. When I get it I will reach out to you. I tell you Atlas everyone on here is like a family thank you

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Ok thank you buddy, I’m on it right now

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I don’t disagree with Jesse much, but I do in this case. I love my proportioner. One I’ve had for probably over 3 years and it works flawlessly. I bought another just this past year for the truck build. Well worth the the 1200 to me. But they’re easy to install, just take your time on the connections. Sure, you can build something similar for cheaper, but I like having the tested completed package. No different than buying a Schwertz box for $450.


Ok Racer thanks for reaching out. It’s good to hear from everyone. I probably will hold on to it and hope it pays for itself. I definitely don’t want to pay 500 bucks for them to install it. The proportioner I got from JN Equality was super easy to put together. Iam hoping the expensive one I bought will be easy to install also. Thanks for reaching out hope you have a wonderful week. I always love to learn and get ideas from everyone

If looking for prebuilt, go with Midwest Washing Equipment. High quality build and a much lower cost than the proportioner. They have their version of the Schertz Box too which is about $50 cheaper than the original. Not to take away business from a forum member here, just another option if his are out of stock or something.

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For any 12v made the standard is fine. On the gas or booster, think you need the larger for sure.

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Remember this next time you lose a bid to the cheaper guy. :grin:


I mean as long as the quality is the same, why not go with someone who is cheaper? They’ve either figured out how to be more efficient while maintaining the same profit as the more expensive choice, or they are okay with accepting less profit. Either way, the consumer benefits and I can’t be mad at that!

Yeah, I think Midwest uses 3/4” but some guys like the 1” if you can get them for the gas pumps.

Let’s be honest here without the stainless box no one would pay $1400 for a proportioner. It’s more the idea that there’s some magic happening inside the box, it’s nothing more than 3 fluids getting sucked out of an outlet.


It feels magical to me!

That’s a good way to put it.

What is a good soap to use on hardie plank boards. I’ve noticed when I down stream and use just sh the boards don’t always look clean. I was wondering if anyone knows a good soap to use when cleaning hp boards