Property management Question

Hey guys, I have been getting more apartment or property management requests as of late. Which is great and here is how I have been doing them

I break it down per item like… one building unit clean and all that is associated with that ie… each unit has 2100 feet of concrete with breezeways and sidewalks. then dumpster pads. and Price it per building. Like one I did its 155 feet by 60 ft 4 stories. and 13 total buildings.
I have been giving a total price then a break down of each in case they want certain things and not all.
the total is cheaper than if they priced them individually.

I have also quoted a few for just all their dumpster pads done once a quarter or something like that. To try to drive a consistent amount of work my way. Offering service or preventative maintenance type of contracts.
Sorry my brains going a few different directions when it comes to these.

My question is… is that the best approach or is it giving them too many options? I have thought about offering a maintenance rotation say do one or two a month and just keep that going every year.

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Way to much. Property managers don’t care about all that and you don’t want to be going back to the same property every couple of months. They want it to look good from the golf cart view. Buildings/breezeways. Sidewalks every three years. I hardly ever wash patios. That doesn’t bring in new renters and the current renters are not the priority.