Pro Tips (tricks of the trade)

Just thought of an idea for a thread that I haven’t found. Pro Tips. If anyone is willing, post one or two things you have discovered, that makes you feel like a true professional, or at least feel is a Trick of the trade . I’ll start:

  1. Sludge pump may be your best friend, especially on flat work with no drains.

  2. Window detail: Downstream soap only on windows first and scrub with wfp. Then rinse, and before it dries, go over it again with the wfp and with the di water flowing for a final rinse (or agitate and rinse if needed). May use bronze pad on back side for stubborn spots.

  3. Can’t believe I almost forgot this. The Schertz box! @SchertzServicesLLC

  1. Run a leaf blower over your concrete work before washing, noticeably less rinsing when it’s time to rinse.

  2. Run the largest fuel tank you can sensibly fit, gas station visits chew up time and gas containers take up even more space, exception being the gx390’s

  3. Hose the rigs and vehicles down every few days, takes 30 seconds, the process is at your fingertips.

  1. Get in the habit of looking at your machine every few minutes. There are things that can go south pretty quick if you don’t notice them: a hose with a pinhole leak, or a bucket you left in front of the exhaust that is melted and smoking. A bypass hose that popped off and is flailing wildly, etc

  2. Set a lower expectation than you intend to deliver

  3. Keep your trailer and your vehicle clean and orderly. Prospective clients can see the difference in a bunch of disheveled junk and an organized rig, even if they don’t know what it all does

  1. (Schertz box) Have backup remote, also with a good battery, have remote secured to the box
    (commercial velcro) when finished for the day.

  2. Don’t trust Google Earth 100% (almost washed wrong house twice this year)

  3. Clearly label 3 way valves.

  4. Pictures, pictures, pictures, takem.

  5. Fuel additive.


Bring a leaf blower to get rid of standing water.

  1. Before and After Pictures. A MUST

  2. Carry a Sprinkler Repair Kit, I snap about 4-5 a year… Takes about 1-2 minutes to fix and the coustomer never has to know.

  3. Rinse off tools that come into contact with SH the end of the day, it will lengthen the life of your tools. (Jrods, Chem Injectors, Ball valve ect) some corrosion stop spray helps!


I just upgraded my 20v max to the new 60v flexvolt dewalt for the gutters. Feels like I hopped out of a cavalier to a Lambo!

Getting jobs

  1. Website
    Makes my life easier
  2. CRM
    Favorite tool
  3. JROD
  4. Pump sprayer
  5. Comfortable boots
  6. Bleach safe shirts

I have never used one of the battery-powered blowers, so they’re worth it in your opinion? I always worried about sacrificing the power of the gas powered but the weight difference would be awesome. How much run time out of your Dewalt ?

8 gpm and ur golden. Can’t emphasize enough the difference that has made in my day the past few weeks having it, @Innocentbystander was right all along

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I have 3 of them. The 20v Compact jobsite cleanup blower (Great for my bucket truck and my sign business. The regular 20 V blower and as of just today the 60 V Max. Each of them have their place however the 60 V Max is the only one I think has enough capacity to meet the demands of this profession. I could blow heavy gutter debris 15’ down the line including 95% of the granuals from the asphalt shingle roof. My large 20v felt rather useless.

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The 60v I did the entire wrap around gutters on a 5200sf roof and still have power left on my 9ah 60v battery. 2 more coming for 3 total to also work with the new telescoping 20v dewalt area light to work at night.

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Tips from a noob, learning to say no and sticking to your pricing model.

I’ve turned down work that would have been nice to have, but I could have damaged something or myself.
I have also cut my prices for reasons on 2 jobs and not hit my pricing model. My initial price would have been right on.

2 lessons I’m learning right now, many more to continue learning


Not very glamour but this is the best tip i can give you. Saves so much time.
I don’t know what you all do when you need to use the bathroom… years ago we would pack up and drive to the nearest gas station or whatever we could find. This is a huge waste of time. For a few years now we use a portable toilet in our enclosed trailer, keep everything clean and save hours every week :ok_hand:.
The one we use is called a “double doodie”.


Another advantage to an enclosed trailer!:laughing:


What’s your solution if you don’t have an enclosed trailer? :grimacing:

Tint your truck windows and crouch down (helps if you’re young haha)

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For us we could not imagine going back to having to pack up and find a store anymore. Especially now with current situation everything is closed, no bathrooms open anywhere. When you work 12 hour days you really appreciate the convenience.

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Your convenience stores closed the bathrooms?:flushed:

Yes most of stores and restaurants because of gov covid measures. Once i didn’t have my trailer and was downtown needing to go and absolutely every bathroom closed. Made me miss and appreciate my trailer setup.