Print Advertising

Here’s an example of my Fall/Winter Ad. Lots of conversation about what works and what doesn’t. This Home Improvement ad has been my most effective way of generating jobs.


Do you put these in newspapers? How much do they cost?

It’s a local home improvement magazine. There are some that cover an entire county and others that publish to select zip codes. The one I use hits about 6 high roller zip codes. They have money and I seldom drive more than 15 miles to a job. Rates vary by ad size and distribution. The ad your looking at was just under 1K but it’s full page and opposite the inside cover on pg 3. If you find a mag you like in the right area approach them and ask for a discount to see if it works. I started out with these guys over a year ago spending less than 400.00 per month. 400.00 profit is a small job for me, a grand is a nice job or two smaller ones. My ads generate 24-31 calls a month and they turn into 12-15 jobs a month. On the surface not a good conversion rate but I know I price myself out of a lot of jobs. Add referrals, website, FB, trailer wrap driven jobs and I don’t have time to do anymore. Hope it helps

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looks great, and glad it works.

did they do the graphics for you?

Yes they did. I came up with the tag line this time but most of the time they do that too. It’s a collaborative effort.

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How did you find this magazine? I’d like to target middle class areas because I can turn over more houses in a day than a typical upper crust house.

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I did a display at a home and garden show, they were there too. I initially did my ads in their larger county wide publication. It was more geography than I wanted to cover so when I found out they had what I would call the “cherry picked” zip codes available in the same type publication I tried it. It means I rarely drive more than 15 mi to a job. The magazine is called “The Home Mag”. They are in multiple cites across the US so they might already be in your AO.
BTW, sorry I missed your call yesterday. I have been at our place in the country and phone reception is limited. Let’s talk tomorrow.

I know this is old but I’m considering home mag. I have a few grand to spend for marketing and I’m looking to try something new. I’m already doing SEO and eddm. Would you recommend this magazine? I like how they have a specific target.

I continue to advertise with them every month. They take great care of me and helped me get established. So yes, I think it is money well spent.