Pricing front of house

Hey everyone, a potential customer wants just the front of her house softwashed. How would you price this? Full house wash price?

Let me preface this as I am very green in the professional pressure washing business but I ran into this yesterday actually. A customer called and wanted just the top of one side of his house done because he can’t reach it with his machine. I quoted $75 for and told him I would clean the entire side paying special attention to the upper area. I know a lot of guys would walk away no question but like I said I am just starting out and he is about a mile down the road from me so I quoted him. I am hoping to maybe up sale the driveway or at the very least by doing this service he will recommend me to neighbors.


You got two options:

Tell the customer you only do full house washes.
Tell the customer you’re willing to do just the front.

Usually when I say what my charge is for one side, they realize doing the whole house isn’t much more and they go for it.

You have to have a minimum to simply show up. It’s gotta be worth your while. All businesses like ours work like that.

Some guys on here won’t do single sides. It’s just not worth it and doesn’t fit their business model. With my current setup, I’m willing to fit in a smaller job if they’ll pay my minimum.

Bottom line is that it has to work for you and make you money.

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If your bored, have no jobs and want the practice do it. When you get busy you won’t even call these people back.

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If there’s one house in the neighborhood like this then there are likely others. I don’t believe there is a concrete right or wrong answer here - if it is something you are comfortable doing then by all means go for it. It’s money in your pocket, right? Around here in central South Carolina there are tons of houses that are green just on one side and that’s the side the HOA is complaining about when they write their little nasty grams to the homeowner. I’d suggest you provide a quote for just the one side as requested but also provide a quote to clean all four sides. You might get just the one side, or maybe the whole house. Or maybe multiple houses with just one side to clean or multiple whole house washes. Either way, it’s exposure so just treat it like your normal washes and you’ll be just fine.


If I’m already there doing things, I’ll treat it as an add on and charge accordingly. Kind of like an “upsell price”. If I’m driving out for just that one side, it’s my minimum for service price.

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The problem with these types of jobs and customer demands is that you’ll never get a complete house wash out of them, they will play cat and mouse with there property getting individual sections done and they just become a nuisance.

I can understand that. Cleaning one side this year, another side two years later, etc. - yeah that could get frustrating and old for sure. But, if you are just starting out, or looking for more exposure this might me a good way of at least getting your name into a market area you might not be in already. Hopefully, after a year or so you will have been able to grow your business considerably and won’t have to grab only the low hanging fruit.
Regardless, if it were me - and as a few others have suggested - I’d bid the job but make it worth it to go out there. Make it cheaper than a whole house wash, but don’t just divide a house wash by 4 and quote that number. Or, tell the potential customer that you have a minimum charge and that for his house you would be able to wash 2 sides and a porch, or 1 side and a driveway, the three sides visible from the road, etc.