Pricing concrete and decks..HELP!

Ok guys, I am getting more and more interested in hitting the pavement
and selling concrete cleaning. And I have been doing deck for quit some

Up to this point I am basically shooting in the dark as far as pricing goes.
I try to figure how much time it will take me and go from there.

As I grow and get more of these accounts I would like to have a better
system in place as far as pricing.

I have a wheel and would like to hear some of your thoughts on sq. foot
pricing when it comes to concrete and decks.

I know there are a lot of great opinions out there…let’s hear them!!

PM me if you would prefer.

Thanks in advance.

We have a minimum charge of $200 on any job. For residential concrete cleaning we are at .20 per sq ft. Most of our concrete cleaning is stamped concrete not a lot of resedential flat work in our area. Most driveways are either blacktop or not paved.