Price too high or too low?


Thanks guys. :+1:


@SPC Matt, this is what I meant by using the throwaway surface cleaner for small concrete pads.

Gosh dang it… this site will let me upload 10 pics sometimes and not 1 other times.


What tip do you guys like for brick?


I’m assuming you’re using a 8gpm machine. Did you use that throwaway SC right out of the box or did you have to change the nozzles? I have a 12" Briggs and Stratton one and it has these tiny little nozzles


@squidskc is just to tight to buy a turbo nozzle:)


7 gpm, but I have no clue what size nozzles the are. It just plugs into a 1/4" quick connect and does the job lightning fast without damaging anything. Works for me!


Believe it or not, I don’t have a turbo nozzle anymore. I let my painter friend borrow it and never asked for it back. Lol. I use that 40 degree you sent me on the ganged nozzles for everything. Haven’t used another nozzle since.

I like this because I don’t get a face full of mulch or grimey water.


Ok, I’ll just hook it up and go!


But this is also 100% true…


I start ordering more when we get down to 7 or 8 turbos. I love them. Dirty water and mulch hides the grey in my beard


I’m so afraid of giving these other guys anything buy 40 degree and downstreaming tips that I hide all the others. What turbos do you use typically? The last two I had I wasn’t impressed by.


I’ve used these for a long time but a company is sending me a few of their new design to try. I’ll keep you updated


Do you use them on all brick and concrete? O know you don’t do residential, but would you use one on, say, a ranch style all brick house?


I clean a lot of curbs with them, brick foundations, masonry steps.


@squidskc I looked at one the other day at Lowe’s it was like $29. I’m planning on getting one probably next week for small jobs like that. Easier than breaking out the big surface cleaner.


They work well for what they are… i have two in the trailer. Find them at yard sales for cheap.

It is what i started out with for concrete… full driveways not painful, but took wayyyy too long.


I use turbo for curbs, bubble gum, paint spills, and brick mail boxes. That’s about it. Safety glasses recommended


Hey what does SC stand for? Still learning


Surface cleaner