Price too high or too low?


If you’ve set profit goals for yourself and it’s $400/day that’s still $72k/year for only 9 months of work.

If $600-$650 gets you there, bid it that way.


Those roofs look to be roughly 2000sqft. I would try to sell those at $600ea and toss in the eaves and walkways to sweeten the deal. You can easily walk those roofs, spray, don’t rinse, and have a guy doing the ground ground work at the same time. Nice $3600 day


That I can get behind.

@SPC take 3 bids.

One with just the minimum you mentioned above.

One with everything in the first one and just one side of the roof. (Bad side)

One with everything, entire roof, and gutter clean outs.

People almost always choose the middle package. If that takes you from $600 to $2000 or whatever that’s still a win even if you don’t win the $3600 bid.



This is one of 3 estimates I sent last year for our last job of the year. They didn’t ask for gutters because they had no clue stuff was growing in them until I sent pics and brought it up.

25 roofs, I cleaned all the gutters out in 1 day with a blower. My only cost was the fuel for the blower. $2225. I could show you 10 invoices where we increased the revenue/profit by 20% or better by bidding everything and splitting it into multiple estimates.


Thanks guys let me set down and run over some pricing and I’ll see what she says…


I agree…soffit wash is essentially same as a house wash.


OK guys Lil update, I met the lady over there and looked at everything sad part she had roofs replace last yr, so can’t go by pics from Google Map so roofs are out. So only things ill be washing, soffit on all six duplexes,12 Lil concrete pads 4x4 with 6 sidewalks 36"x8’, and then 4 storage building that are 10x12


A job is better than no job anyday.


So after going and looking at it and looking at all y’all have said so I decided to go in with duplexes $100 each $50 pre storage building due to they really are not even dirty. So I’m looking at $875 after I add in other charges.


I would just include the storage buildings and up the price per building. Putting $50 per storage on the estimate may throw her off if the large buildings are only $100


Only thing I put on my quotes, is the total price and then I just list the services they will be getting done. I don’t list price for everything


@Racer I read in another post that u use Limonene from Envirospec on real dirty brick, and that u said it cleans the crap out gutters. Since I’m gonna be cleaning just the gutted and soffit would I be OK to get me some Limonene and use that on this job? Or should I just go with my original hw mix? Gutters are pretty bad off but I don’t wanna use anything as harsh as f13 so when I read that, I thought I’d ask about it. Also I have another brick house that the home owner just wanted a soffit and gutters clean and his gutters in some spots look really really bad.


It’s pretty expensive unless you buy a drum, otherwise it’s about $10/gal. Just go with your regular HW mix, maybe bump it up a little.


OK thanks @Racer. yea I looked it up $57 for 5 gals but that’s not a big deal on the pricing side if it makes me money then I don’t mind paying that for it.

Im also setting up my 12v system this week and thought I would put it to the test by having one guy spray hw mix and other one rinsing with PW. That way I can mix my hw mix as strong or as weak as needed. Thoughts on that? Just trying to speed up process and I can post treat concerte with 12v system that I have coming

Just looking for all options


Rick let me ask u this I probably already know the answer. So I bought me a 5gpm pump, had a guy give me 200’ of 3/8" hose would that restrict my flow to much to use for now or will I be OK until I can do a few jobs and buy 1/2" or 5/8"?


First that’s really good someone gave you that much hose for free and 3/8 will do just fine good luck


thanks @bryananders9 yea my neighbor owns his grading business and he did a job that the guy had a 55 gal tank hose hose reel but pump was only 1gpm, guy gave it to him to get it out his way. So I offered to buy it from him and he said no just come get it out of my way. So I took him up on it and trying to put it to good use. I wash his dump truck for him for free when he needs it done.


That’s a good way to say thanks and shows what kind of a good job you can do hopefully he will spread the word around for you


Well he is also gonna give my name out or add my price in on jobs where he has to clean driveways that get dirty from him going in an out. Super good guy.


You’ll be ok with it for awhile. Just not going to have quite as much range.