Price too high or too low?


OK guys, this lady pretty much just wants soffit , gutters, any vinyl and each Lil sidewalks about 10’ long cleaned. She has six duplexes and looks like 4 out buildings she mentioned. So I’m looking at going in at $600 I’m meeting her tomorrow to go over everything. What are y’all thoughts? If I get the job I’m gonna try talking her into roofs later on down the road.


How many buildings total?


6 duplexes 4 storage building


I wouldn’t do it for that…but…that is just me.

With having to the get SC out…I would be at $150 per duplex and that price would include the storage buildings.

You know what you want to make per hour…charge accordingly.


I hate people that just want the soffit or gutters done. Unless you’re going to soap them all down with a hand sprayer, you’re going to get soap, runoff, etc on rest of building and windows. So you have to rinse whole building. So when I explain that to them, and that I’ve got to charge for that, they’ll often go ahead and do whole thing.

So I’m with @JimLuke, on that few a units I’d be at $150 @


It’s brick, run off won’t won’t hardly show. Skip the sc and just use a turbo tip on that small of a sidewalk. I didn’t see any vinyl? But seems like a cake job. Price seems fair,


You should push to sell the roofs with it and do it all at once. Solid days work


Thanks for input guys…i meet with her today I’ll get better pic today and more info and share with yall


You know those cheap throw away surface cleaners from Home Depot/Lowe’s that go into your lance?

If we have a small concrete landing we’ll drop one off and by it when we start the house. Pop it into the short gun and do all sides of it in about 40 seconds.

Might be something to consider. Sidewalks I’d probably still use a surface cleaner to knock it out in 2 passes if it’s a standard sidewalk.

Do you use a ball valve?


@squidskc Do you use a ball valve at the end of your pressure hose? if so what size do you use? and do you have a picture?


@squidskc Yea Iv used ball valve since the get go.


Think most on this sit recommend the 3/8 heavy duty ball valve from Pressure Tek… I’m just starting but it’s worked great for me so far


IDK about @squidskc but mine is 3/8 on the end makes it easier to change out from gun to sf cleaner


I’d stage the surface cleaner. It’s going to be way faster than anything else in my opinion.


@squidskc u talking about using the cheap sf cleaner on the sides of the buildings?


The link wouldn’t copy. Search ball valve and you get more info than you’ll ever need.


No. A single concrete step or landing that’s covered in algae. You can hit all sides of it with the throwaway surface cleaner super fast.


Lol just making sure I was kinda wondering about what u were talking about. :+1:


@squidskc whats ur input on the pricing?


I won’t do any commercial/multi family for less than $1000 a day. That’s 10 buildings, with travel time, set up and break down, might have to use a hydrant unless management pays for water. You lose an 8 hour day there even if it only takes 6.