Ive been really impressed with what ive seen from Cullen’s I hope he can get me that number 1 spot like most of the people ive seen so far…

When did your site go live? Lets track it here and see how long it takes.

What city?

It’s doing fantastic for me.

He said everything should be live by next weekend. My main city is Lake Charles LA (80-90 thousand)but he is also including Lafayette LA which is 45 mins east (120-130 thousand) and Beaumont TX which is 45 min west of me (115-125 thousand) Im really interested to see how well it’s going to work especially in Lafeyette and Beaumont Lake Charles should be easy for him since there is only one pressure washing website that pops up in my area even though there are several other smaller PW businesses in my area.

I was ranked number 1 is most seArched witHin 3 weeks to 1 mth

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Do you have to do anything? Put in keywords? Update photo’s?

All I do is send him a payment every month. That is it. When we were setting it up I gave him some keywords that I thought would work.

what kind of return have yal gotten?

I really don’t keep track, but I have gotten a nice amount of work from it. No regrets here.

What are you paying every month for? Is it for SEO work? What happens to your site if let’s say you decide you no longer want to pay every month year in and year out?

He builds you a site based on your own one. Yes it is seo juice, very good juice I may say. As far as payment I pay monthly. I don’t know about other members. I know Pwra members get a discount.

Im very pleased with the price im paying! Just get with Cullen and he will hook you up and give you all the details.

So Ive been meaning to get on here and post an update on my web page Pressure Washing Lake Charles | Power Washing Lake Charles. I researched several of the business that are currently working with him and after seeing how their web pages are number 1 in their areas I had to check this out because getting the number 1 or 2 spot in L.A. or Houston just doesnt happen by accident. So since I got with Cullen I havent had to do anything but send my info over. Didn’t have to add infor or pics on my end and I was on first page of google in 2-3 weeks and now Im a couple spots away from knocking the a guy in my area that’s been sitting at number 1 for years. Ill update once im holding the top spot…

Thats awesome to hear

I think I’m #1 in my area. Joining was probably the best advertising move I ever made. Killin it.

Be sure to get your exclusive PWRA discount.

Finally got the top spot on google thanks to Global Pressure Washing Network :wink:

Oh yeah. Cullen is the man. I’m close to being up there myself. I got a ton of work from my site this season. Love it.