Pressure washing

I’ve had a window cleaning business for a couple of years and am getting into pressure washing. I have a 3400 psi dewalt pressure washer. What is a great product to spray on roofs, houses, and driveways that will take off the black, and mold and algae off easy so I won’t be on a driveway forever. I’ve seen the soft washing systems where u just spray it on roofs and it comes clean. But I’m starting out with what I got. I have a chemical hose that’s on the pressure washer that I can put into a bucket and spray it on. Thanks

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You really need to do some research. Using a pressure washer with a down stream injector isn’t going to get a roof clean. Your 3400 psi means nothing when cleaning 99% of stuff out there so that shows you’re not ready to jump into things. Although you need pressure for some things gpm is king.

Start reading through old posts on here. You’ll pretty much find all the information you need to get started and run a successful pressure washing business. Also, don’t jump right into paying jobs. You’ll likely lose money and cause more harm than good. Gain some knowledge and apply those methods on your own house and then hit up family and friends.


But at least you didn’t say quit and give up :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’ve pressure washed buildings up to 18 floors with the pressure washer I have with a company I’ve worked for 15 years with. We have pressure washed houses driveways buildings that haven’t been cleaned in years that are black. And seemed to work great for those. Instead of using bleach on them I was looking for a something not as strong or can mix with to mask the smell. What pressure washing system would you suggest?

You have a lot to learn. It’s all in the archives here. The bonus is you’ll find answers to questions you didn’t know you had. Dive in! The waters great! :+1:


PS. Here 9s a search on bleach alternative. Short answer? For most things there isn’t an effective one.


Here is a search for bleach cover. Most prefer Elemonator but there are some other good choices.

Would be interested in hearing the schematics on that type of job.


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Top half with a stage with pressure washer on roof. Bottom half pressure washers on the ground. 2 on roof, 2 on ground on a stage. Didn’t take long at all.

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