Pressure washing vs Window cleaning

Has anyone who started out window cleaning and quit in favor of pressure washing? I was wondering, since pressure washing is better money on average, have you decided to go pressure washing over window cleaning. I like window cleaning and I have a good client list built up, but I enjoy pressure washing alot more. I can’t help thinking that if I concentrated on that part of my business, I might be better off. Maybe pressure washing with window cleaning as an add on instead of the other way around. Just thinking out loud right now. Comments? Opinions?

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t think of adding window washing as an upsell service. They kinda go hand in hand…but in a way, I know there’s some painters that are really good at PW’ing, then again you get those that use a troybilt and actually stand on a 24’ ladder pressure washing the siding. I kind-of want to stay only pressure washing, and not look like more like a “handyman” IMO.

No offense to those guys! :wink:

Phil, I only offer exterior window cleaning with a house wash. It has been a great add on. Finish washing the house get out the waterfed pole and do the windows. Usually the one guy has the windows done about the same time the other is finishing loading the trailer backup. Sorry cant answer your question from a window cleaning business stand point.

Why quit window cleaning if you already built a client list and it makes you money. Just hire employees to clean windows and pressure wash. That’s what we do. I understand what your saying though. We make more with pressure washing as well.

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That’s a good idea. I don’t want to to quit windows. My original plan in building the biz was to hire a crew to do much of the field work. I’m 57 yrs old. My goal is to manage. I hope to work my way out of the field by the end of next season. I appreciate the input.