Pressure Washing Start-up plan

I’m starting my company in preparation for spring. The current plan is probably going to involve a $10,000 loan…but if not I think I can do it for much less, I already have the equipment and chemicals required for what I plan to do. I built a website, ( I kind of regret the name having found it doesn’t help my SEO strategy much if at all, but I’m registering another domain soon.) It’s already showing up in the local search results and its 2.5 weeks old. I’m sending google post cards to more addresses.

So basically im gonna try local search results optimization and do back linking work every day, I guess…still don’t know much about that.

The plan is to run a amazon local coupon for a while. Less than 1500 SQ ft $150. Less than 2000Sq Ft floor plan $190. Complete siding and eaves clean. 4 jobs a day.
I’ll do this in the hopes of roof cleaning and deck staining jobs, but also I know for a fact I will be making at least some profit off the social coupon. Maybe not enough to pay a large bills, but enough for me to get my business started and survive.

I have lots of questions I had planned to post but I would probably just get told to read the forum. Any thoughts, suggestions, scathing ridicule?

For SEO, the domain isn’t as important as all the other factors. Good backlinking is key as well as good on site optimization.

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John Devine.