Pressure Washing repair list

On a take off on Thad’s roof cleaning topic, Let’s start a thread on what we need to keep on the truck for repairs. Not Equipment we need, but what we tools we need for repairs and spare parts.

-channel locks
-crescent wrenches
-dental picks
-spare downstreamers
-spare couplers and plugs in both male and female in each
-grease and grease gun
-thread tape or pipe dope
-latex gloves
-hand cleaner/rags
-spare tips

wd40 or PB blaster
garden hose repair kits
extra oil

Don’t forget the tape!


you guys forgot one thing. beer

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One of the handiest things I have done is mounted a vice on the side of my flatbed rig… So, when I need to change a quick coupler on a hose end or on a gun, clamp it in the vice, get the wrench and quickly change the part…


The BEER :slight_smile:


We have one mounted to the truck