Pressure Washing Connect is live

Pressure Washing Connect is now live for all and out of Beta. Get you pressure washing business listed today!

Thank You for doing it for us. Lovin my page;)

How many of you guys have signed up for this?

Hey Chris I already have the PWRA link on my website, Do you recommend we add this link in as well?
Thanks-John T.

It’s another website, John. An online directory. PWRA members get free Premium listings.
It’s going to SEO awesome. One more space on Google pg 1 for your company. Get yours done ASAP.


John inside the toolbox when you log in is some images and html - You can add those to your site to have customers come back and review your services. As the site grows, hire reviewed companies will float to the top.

Very cool guys. I filled it all out last night. Thanks

Can i add a link to the site on my website ? Using the logo up on the top of the connect site ?

Does everyone have their listing in place?

Free listing for any pressure washing contractor and PWRA members get a free Premium upgrade.

on it today

got it done today. Thanks

signed up but I don’t see my avatar in the map…did i miss something?

disregard… I did miss something, all good now!

How do I post video? Not working. Also how does this help with search in google?

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