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How to clean Mildew from vinyl siding - Aiken Soft Wash


We see it in just about every neighborhood here in Aiken, and the whole southeast for that matter.

What causes the unsightly green and black mildew that forms on vinyl siding? How do I get rid of it?

Usually, this organic material - mildew - is prevalent on the north-facing side of a house. This is due to the northern exposure is in the shade more of the time during the day. When vinyl gets moisture from condensation overnight, or rain, and it stays damp and dark, just like your shower, mildew grows. This mildew, combined with dirt from the air, and the seasonal pine pollen makes for an unsightly mess.

Since there are multiple sources - mildew, and dirt, we use different types of ingredients in our house wash mixes to deal with them. Algae-cides based from the same stuff you use in your laundry and to clean your bathroom targets the organic mildew. Safe, mild detergents and surface-acting agents are used to deal with the dirt. This mixture is applied with state of the art high-volume water pumps that can deliver the powerful cleaning agents up to three stories high, with minimal, low, safe pressure. Damaging high-pressure is not what cleans mold and mildew!!!

Either doing it yourself, or letting some non-knowlegable person blast away at your siding with high pressure will certainly lead to poor results, and more than likely do damage to siding or windows. Usually, trying to clean a typical-sized home without the right equipment or high-quality detergents will be a maddening undertaking for a homeowner. Pump up sprayers with bleach and water can only spray arms-reach high, and will take someone HOURS and HOURS to do. Using a pressure washer to try blast away will lead to marks on siding, or blowing out the insulated glass seals in windows.

Leave the hard work to the EXPERTS at Aiken Soft Wash Power Washing and Window Cleaning to SAFELY clean your siding. We have the knowledge, the expertise, and the right equipment to get the job done efficiently - providing immeasurable value to you.

You won’t believe how clean your house will feel and smell! Not to mention healthier without problematic mildew. It’s like and instant shot of curb appeal!

Call the experts at Aiken Soft Wash

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Good stuff, Bob!

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Looks like a great Org Thad! Great for the industry…look forward to seeing you at the next event.

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