Pressure Washing A Car

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I bought an electric pressure washer last week and used it on my two cars. It didn’t seem to do much of anything. An oily residue (perhaps tire, road, debris) was still present after washing. Is there a particular detergent or technique I should use? Any input is a big help! Thanks!

here ya go should tell you everything you need to know


Haha not bad man…not bad. But I have Googled everything. The pressure washing with detergent doesn’t do a thing. Eh, was worth shot.

I use a truck wash brush on my vehicle. Rinse the car real good to get the large dirt granules off, and then brush everything real well with some car wash detergent. If there’s a real heavy residue, sometimes a heavy mix of dish detergent is needed, or even a clay bar for car detailing if there’s road tar or stubborn bug spots. If you wash with the dish detergent, plan on re-waxing your car afterwards.

I rinse with tap pressure, through a DI tank to make it dry spotless. Electric pressure washers are fairly useless. The only exception I’ve seen are some window cleaners who use them to wash the screens.

Read up on car detailing forums for further info.


Chemical guys car wash in a foam cannon. Thats the way to go.

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I use electric pressure washers for doing the insides of houses. Less mess that way and plenty of outlets.


Please share a video of this, I heard that using an electric pressure washer is best fro shampooing the carpet. lol

I’ll just leave this here…


haha wonder if she choose the shampoo carpet option on the dial

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