Pressure Problem

OK i have a 3800 psi 3.5 gpm simpson pressure washer

not the best but i got a deal on it brand new this is the second one the first one i sent back
it would have no pressure unless you cut it off and re start it so i sent it back
new one was doing fine but now when you pull trigger takes a while for pressure to come i have not ran it dry or let it sit running for any amount time

any ideas

If running off a buffer tank, it sounds like its not pulling well, or might have air in the line.

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Post a pic of the pump and unloader so I can see what you’ve got.

No tank I think my problem is mayby i need a filter the unloader is not working right happend after using well water

What is best filter to run low pressure or high and what kind thanks

In line filter.

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Does it come with fittings

No fittings. You would need to figure out how/where you want to install it and buy the part ya need.

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This is on a tank, but same idea. Just got to get the fittings you need to feed from a hose.

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