Pressure-Pro 4GPM Direct Drive CAT pump

Is anyone running a 4GPM Pressure Pro direct drive unit off of a buffer tank successfully? I am hearing a lot of talk that you need to use a belt drive unit to draw water from a buffer tank without a separate pump…

You can run a direct drive off a buffer tank but the tank needs to elevated above the pump for it to work.

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By “direct drive” do you mean “high speed” as in no gear reduction (either gearbox or belt with different sized pulleys)?

High speed pumps (where the pump turns at the same speed as the engine) need to be pressure fed, preferably from the mains (if there is enough volume) or a feeder pump, or gravity (if you can get the feeder tank high enough).

This is because “high speed” pumps don’t “suck” water very well, while “low speed” pumps do have a small amount of suction (but they certainly won’t suck water uphill or through long hoses).

Hope that helps.


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Ok great, that’s what I thought, thanks

Correct, no gear reduction or belt drive. I figured I would have to elevate the tank just wondering if anyone has been doing this and still getting good results out of their pump.

Picked up a 4gpm 4000psi belt drive pressure-pro. Pulls great from the feed tank.

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This same problem just arose for me. I was told that I needed a feeder pump or a new pump and offloader. what did you figure out

From the research I’ve done and questions I’ve asked, the folks at Pressure Pro told me you need a belt driven unit to pull water from a tank.