Pressure Hose Length

Im building my first trailer right now. How much pressure hose is enough? Also i thought i read that you cant downstream through too much hose if this is true how do you do it?

I like 200’ with an extra 50’ for “just in case”.

I use 200’ and don’t have any problems down streaming. I also carry an extra 50’ for when I need it.

200’ here, hey Josh when are we gonna meet up? I’ll bring a rig and you can get some ideas from it, ask all the questions you want. Then it will be my turn for some window cleaning tips…Let’s Share shall we? Lol!

Call me anytime Buddy!

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Thanks guy. I will be over your way tomorrow afternoon. Gotta go by Northern tool for some parts, let me know if your not busy if not maybe sometime next week.

Roger That!

200 is good for residential. I have a 200 foot hose and then I keep two 100 foot sections on the trailer for commercial jobs.

I’m going to try to run 400’ here in a couple weeks. I used to run 150…it worked, but since running 200’ I have no problem in residential jobs

We ran 600 on a multi-family project last year. The DS’r goes 100’ from the gun.

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I keep 250 on the reels and a 100 extra on the truck and it gets used pretty often

200’ on the reel with 400 in reserve which gets at least once a week.

250 on one reel 100 on another reel the two 50 foot sections also in the truck

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So it seems 200’ is pretty much the consensus with keeping around 100’ extra. Now ive heard that using 50’ lenghts is better so if a section gets worn out you can replace it easier but in my opinion ( well thinking since i havent used a hose reel yet) wouldnt the couplings of all the hoses catch and cause reeling issues? Lastly, Whats is the best, well most reccommended hose? i only need something to 4000psi and not for hot water

I have a smaller 13 horse Honda on a 3.5 gpm unit. ( I know I need bigger). Anyway can a smaller powered unit use 200 ft of hose?