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Hey guys! Another question for you, my process for work usually goes like this, I get the lead, give the quote and agree on it, then I show up, do the work, then receive the payment. I want to be safe and have them sign a contract prior so I am
Not reliable for damages like a frozen pipe burst during the winter / post winter months and other unforeseen circumstances. Do you guys have an example of something like that? I would greatly appreciate it so I know the direction to go when writing mine.

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You’re not gonna get a residential customer to sign a waiver, at least where I’m located.

I take pictures/video of the house during the walk around when I show up. Any damaged siding,masonry, plants etc gets a picture and anything serious gets brought to the customer attention before I carry on. Sometimes the customer isn’t even home to sign anything if I wanted them to.

Your biggest problem will be customers saying they thought price for the house included something it didn’t like a driveway or deck. Some people try to extras for free. Have what you are cleaning in writing.
I know a guy who had a customer with a bad pour and tried to blame him for damage to concrete. The adjuster told the customer he wasn’t at fault and they weren’t paying. So Insurance can help you too.


Just use a basic Terms & Conditions on your quote and have them acknowledge that accepting the quote is also accepting the terms and conditions. You can set your T&C to be whatever you want but remember that state law where you live will dictate what you can be held liable for rather than what you say you are, so consult an attorney if you have questions.


People need to be more specific in what they write on a quote they submit. If I’m doing a house wash it would say. House wash, gutter line to ground level only, additional attachments may incur an additional fee. a house wash could me mistaken for a whole property wash. Customers don’t always know our scope of services and additional services. hard to argue or confuse “only”


I’ve had a huge drop in customers saying they thought my price included something it didn’t when I went to e-mail estimates. I use a crm now which is even better.

which CRM are you using? Has it saved you time and/or increased businesss?

I do not have a crm. Idk which one to use as a starter. I created paper copies of a document I use to store information.

Hi, Im Steve from Island Power Cleaning in Cyprus. I signed up with an online porTal called ZOHO BOOKS, much more than just CRM, has full accounting package. Great Quotes, issues quote numbers numerically, converts to invoices, records payments, store customer names, ect ect ect. and really cheap, only 90 Euro roughly 100$ per year.

The issue I see with zoho is they limit your contacts
$9/month = 50 contacts
$19/month = 500
$29/month = > 500 contacts

For anyone growing that’s the same price as markate really.

Just my initial glance. I also wasn’t impressed by zoho’s website not correctly displaying on a mobile browser.

The Customer Factor. Is has saved me tons of time. I wouldn’t do this job without a crm. It’s landed more jobs will automated email follow-ups for estimates. Looks professional too.

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I physically go have a look with every PW job and talk with the customer. Time consuming but it nails down exactly what both of us are expecting.

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That works for a smaller guy/part timer but when you start growing and getting 5-10 calls a day you really need photos to be sent via email or phone. I lasted 1.5 years doing it like that until I just ran out of hours in the day/week to physically go and have a look. 2 photos of the front and back will basically let you know what your working with, it stream lines the quotation process immensely.


Understandable. I have to do that with my WC, phone estimates are a must. PW is only about 10% of my business at this point.