Pre-Made Trailers.. Any Good?

I am in the market for a hot water trailer, and I have not purchased one before… It looks like most of you have custom built rigs on 12-16 ft trailers, is there any reason to not buy a pre-made trailer unit? I don’t necessarily want a huge trailer anyway because it will be harder to maneuver around town.

I was looking at these:
Can anyone recommend any other pre-made trailer units?

It seems like buying a trailer, PW skid, water tank, hose reels all separately then putting it all together would be a major pain…?

Ive also been looking on craigslist and most of the trailers around here are 4.5 gpm hot water skids on 12ft trailers with a water tank and hose reels, and they are listed for 6-9k. It seems like I can buy a brand new setup (better than theirs) for the same price, or cheaper?
Any opinions on what a trailer like this like this is worth used? (I always assume about half of retail value)

Thanks in advance

We went Custom Trailer, it happen to be a 14 foot. We found with custom we could get better quality than one of the local prefab places.

I think for $2400 we got a 6 x 14 Tandem Axle Trailer with Brakes installed. Rated at 7000lb. Tortion Suspension. He also mentioned that the frame is a better frame compared to the less expensive prefab trailers. Something to do with the tubular metal and how it is put together.

We will have 1 Pressure Washer on it to start but plan to add another in the next 6 months.

I just put together a 5 x10 tandem axle trailer about 3 months ago. The 2 biggest expenses were my machine which is a cold water 3000 psi @ 8 gpm $3,300 and my trailer $1,600. My buffer tank is 225 gallons I got that used for $150. My surface cleaner 16in was $400. My double stack hose reel with 150 ft of water hose and 250 ft of pressure hose was probably another $750. There is maybe another $250 in miscellaneous things as well. By my math ( calculator ) that is $6,450. With my set up I can easily do $3,000 a week by myself.

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Having purchased a pre made North Star trailer before, I can say with confidence I would have better spent my money building my own with better equipment. The motor was perfect, the pump was small, the reels lasted a year. I still have the trailer but now with a 8gpm pump, aftermarket reels and other goodies here and there. Currently building a box truck now.If you have the option, I would suggest building on a flat bed or box truck.

edit: It looks like you have a van. I know of at least one very respectful washing contractor that swears by using vans only. There is something to say for being able to access hard to reach areas with your vehicle.

I know for a fact that we spent more than we could have, but with this being our first trailer, we know it is put together correctly and once we get up to speed with learning to maintain the equipment, putting together another trailer in the future will not be a problem to do ourselves and it will be cheaper the next time.

[MENTION=6533]Ryan[/MENTION] where did you get your trailer?

A local shop where I live builds them on site.

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To answer that, one must ask a series of questions…

How well built of a trailer do you need or is expected?

What is the load range per 3 ft linear length is needed and where ?

Is the suspension a concern, meaning are you in need of a softer ride because you may have something bolted onto the trailer vs welded?

Size of tires is also a concern. 15, 16 or 17.5 inch.

Is the load range different when standing still vs driving? For example, a 500 gallon poly water tank when empty is about 200lbs more or less, but when filled, its 8.25 x 500= 4,125 lbs plus the tank…4325 lbs in a 3 ft linear space. This area should be designed to handle that space.

Do you live in a humid area?

Why many Aluminum trailers have their welds break or crack after time?

Should paint or should powdercoat be considered?

Brakes…Disc or drums?

Brakes on 1 or both axles?

Tires…E or G or H rated?

Why you need trailer tires vs car tires ?

Call me, I will help you