Powerwashing Another Condo complex/working with Babe Ruth things

Today my guys are working on another Condo complex using Fresh Wash mixture from www.powerwash.com with excellent results. If all goes well we will be using strictly EBC for another Condo complex job. because of Enviro concerns.
This Condo job will take my guys the whole week. There’s a couple of hundred apartments in here so the steady work is good.

While they were cleaning and there’s no reason now for me to be there I went off to honor a Kid who I never met who is a Ruth fan to the utmost. He won’t read any type of book except anything Babe Ruth. He has some collection of Ruth stuff… He gets it all. I also called Linda today when I stopped by this kids house where they talked for awhile… This boy is sending Linda his poster he made about Ruth… this is a sweet story.

I could drive home a story with this kid alone…he is special.

Also these other pics are for Carol Alt and her husband Alexia Yashin the ex highest paid NHL player at over A $100,000,000+ contract. There one of the few who have this folder I sent out. They like everyone else who knows the whole story want to help… It will happen.

Also the PWNA has been great in dealing with my craziness and the committee has been excellent.

On top of this I am contemplating a huge give back that would involve all orgs. to participate if they wish to do so… I’m closing in on that one soon… Still weighing everything out on that one…

Anyway enjoy the pictures. This is so special when the whole story finally comes out…and it will.

You got a lot going on, John.
Keep up the good work!

Thanks Thad. I have no idea what I’m doing but it’s carrying. Tomorrow I have a call to make. I may have a lucky link now to Lorne Michaels from SNL and it’s because of an error we did. Apparently my guys washed away a stamp Concrete walkway that’s probably going to cost me $990. I’m going to try and flip that to something positive by possibly paying for something that wasn’t our fault completely but I’m looking for something and I think this person can supply what I’m looking for… I’ll keep u guys in the know for sure because it’s all fun…