Power Washing Gas Valve Bunkers

Anyone ever clean these? They are Natural Gas “Bunkers”. They want them power washed and cleaned out. The Maintenance crews come along to suck any excess water out and fix any problems that arise. In the winter hot boxes are needed to cut through the ice buildup on the lines. Just looking to see if any has done these and how involved it can become.

I have never done one but all the stuff in that box looks tough I would spray it down with 12.5 and reclaim the waste

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I would be hesitant about hitting that with SH due to amount of rinse/pump out because of potential corrosion.
You probably need a specified cleaning process that has been approved by engineers of pipeline company.

I would ask them for clarification before going much further.

They don’t want chemical, just pressure. They will suck out the waste water as we do it. How would you guys price this out? I’m thinking 150- 200 per set of two which are next to each other. There are 200 of these sets. They told me they would average 70 a year. That doesn’t include winter time on call to remove ice buildup. At least that would be work in the winter.

70 a year is great but how many each day you do then if it’s a set a week sure 150 bucks but if you are scheduling a day to work with the vac truck to do as much as you can in the day you may want to be in the 100 range I cant image with hot water it would take very long to do a set of them