Power Wash Hose 4gpm

I have a simpson 4gpm 4200 PW. Will a 4000 psi hose be ok or do I need 6000? I really want to One wire for ease and it being light. I want to get 100’ and then carry 50’ as stand by. Of course I want non-marking but so many places are out of stock. So any brand recommendations and places in-stock would be greatly appreciated.

P hoses have a 3:1 safety rating. 3-4k hoses will work for you. Don’t get a two wire braid! They all pretty much suck so good luck lol

Our 2-wire has held up well. The one wire we had before was blowing out all the time. Electric reels are a must if running 2-wire though, IMO. I’ve personally never really handled 1-wire, but the few guys here who have don’t seem to have any complaints since the change, so I’ll take the (seemingly) fewer blowouts and carry on :joy:

I’m imaging these guy walking through walls and picking people up that are in their way, sitting then back down to the side.

I use blubird kevlar hose. Gray colored and non marking. Very light and lasted my entire season last year. It’s about 2 bucks a foot

I got 30 seconds out of my blue bird hose

Which was so weird because if I remember right you said that hose you used was kinking or something too wasn’t it? I remember seeing a picture with it looking all out of whack. I don’t do nearly as much volume as you do that’s for sure but it lasted the 40ish jobs i did last year and I wasn’t wearing kid gloves with it so either you’re unlucky or I’m lucky :joy:.

I bought a few more 100ft sections of it for redundancy this year. Ill update that thread at the end of summer if I can find it with my longer term results.

@Innocentbystander which brand hose do you use normally? Got a link? Perhaps a board affiliate for the original poster and maybe an alternative one you like for me that will actually ship up here? Or just point me in the right direction and I’ll do some Google-fu.

I use the 1-wire Russ sells at Southside, lasts about a year.

I’m not brand specific. I usually get whatever my Landa guy can lay his hands on but I bought a 1000ft of done hose from Lowes that is decent.

We use the 2-wire from Russ, I’d say it lasts well, but then if it blows out near the end I don’t even hear about it bc the service manager just chops off about 6’, slaps a new end on it and carries on.

Thanks all, so basically be prepared to have at a standby hose when the hose lets go. Also seems that you guys and other internet search really does not have a well trusted 1 wire hose. One guy may have 40 washes where another may barely get 10.

It’s not really like that, if you’re just doing flat work and housewashes like I do, it’s expected to get a year out of a 1-wire. Just realize hoses are like injectors, consumable items. They tend to rust out from the inside then just pop suddenly, mostly the last 25’.

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