Potential new truck build?


Just kidding. Good luck finding parts for one of these high mileage vehicles!

Put a Chevy small block in it. They make everything better. Are those things front wheel drive?


Rear wheel drive. It’s a gruman built on the old chevy S10 chassis. Front wheels are closer together than the rears so it would be rough riding on the hiway.

Those things are tough. There’s multiple documentaries on them. The stress test they went through to win the contract was pretty insane.

I read up a little about them…very impressive what they’ve been able to do, and the testing done on the new vehicles.

If it has to be a small block then I say go for a 400 small block lol

What exactly were they testing? There about as technologically advanced as a toaster. Drop off paper from A to B and make it back to the depot.

The tests were just stress tests to make sure that the vehicle would last as long as possible. I dont remember exactly what tests they did but it was like hitting bumps at 40 mph, going over a a whole street of bumps, and driving the car like it it was driving in the le Mans

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In 1985, the USPS challenged Grumman and General Motors, Poveco, and American Motors to build a mail truck that would become the perfect mail carrier. The USPS compared each company’s prototype against a set of grueling tests.

  • Drive 5,760 miles on a closed loop 5-mile-long paved road at 50 to 55 mph.
  • Drive 11,520 miles over a gravel road at 30 to 45 mph.
  • Drive 2,880 miles over a road with a shoulder, stopping every 250 feet and accelerating to 15 mph in between.
  • Drive 960 miles over cobblestones that ranged from 3 to 4 inches high at 10 to 14 mph.
  • Drive 960 miles over potholes at 10 to 14 mph.
  • Haul a 1 -ton pound load during one half of the road test.
  • Haul a man and a 400 pound load during one half of the road test.
  • Drive over potholes ensuring that each wheel hits a pothole 35,000 times.
  • Make one hundred consecutive stops from 15 mph.

The llv won


@AUSSIE does that in his landcruiser weekly lol


Ha ha that’s just on the way to the local crocodile fishing hole

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Those are domestic pets in Australia :joy::joy:

Is that some sort of crocodile park or out in the wild?

That’s the Adelaide River about an hour from Darwin- wild crocs.
Two tour operators have been teaching the crocodiles how to jump for their food .
When we have visitors from interstate or overseas I take them for a look.

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I learned this from a YouTube video. Apparently, in the “down undah” when you want to say yes you are supposed to say “yeah nah yeah” and when you want to say no you say “nah yeah nah”.

This is definitely a nah yeah nah.

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^ YouTube, the second most reliable source of factual information. (Facebook is number 1)