Potential metal church job

Got a call for this…

Apparently that’s just a small portion, two buildings worth. Have you found HW mix is strong enough or am I gonna have to whip out the 2%?

My first metal building BTW.

When we run into metal buildings (not common here, but we do), HW mix is usually plenty…

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Went to look at it, they just want the north sides done so looks like a simple wash and rinse plus scrubbing the awnings.

yep, easy one

This one looks straightforward, but I’ve run into metal that looks dirty because the paint is in bad shape. Owners wanted to argue over it because they didn’t think the job was done correctly.

Here I am in action! Turned out great, easy like Rick said. 45 minutes including two awnings and another end of the building.

Really the sketchy part was walking on a metal roof, I know from window cleaning you have to keep it dry which wasn’t easy.