Posting links on PWRA bb?

I like to post links such as what I did today Diesel Powered Fury 2400 DTL/DHTL

Are you guys seeing this as a link or a sentence? I do most of my bulletin board stuff by phone or I-pad and I only see the links as a sentence but not as a link.

Is anyone else seeing it like this?

It was a link John but you have to hover over it to see that it is. The latest version of the PWRA BB does not show links as different color text. They are the same color as the other characters in the sentence.

Yes I see it when you hover over it but I think some of these post get lost when you don’t see the sentence as a link so you don’t hover over it to highlite the link but then again maybe it’s just me… I like things KISS(Keep It Simple Stupid).