Posting alot on PWRA

I am posting alot here to help drive traffic to this site. I promised Thad I’d do this because I don’t mind helping where I can. Obviously when you post alot there will be somethings that some people may not like or have an interest in.

If there was a perfect way to post I’d do it…but there isn’t… At least for me there isn’t.

In helping with the growth of the PWRA bulletin board my the goal was never intended to post to cause anyone to pack it in here or to cause discord. I am sorry to the one who logged out of here the other night and also to the few others who got bent out of shape.

I’ll still post here because I like coming here but I’ll cut down on the amount of post or bringing up to many topics that people in this Industry maybe passionate about because I can sail thru those and stay the course but others could shut down because some of these topics inevitably become heated debates.

I’ll see some of ya’s back on the NET & @ NOLA next week!!

No worries here John. Good discussion. Obviously not everyone shares my or your views. It wouldn’t be interesting if they did. No need to apologize. Not to me anyway.

Its all good here

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C u in NOLa John.

ARC Powerwashing
Alex Curry

Yes where all good…but I do feel terrible that someone would be so upset that they cutout. I wish I could convey myself better on the net…