Can anyone help me with the postcard I downloaded from WCR?:confused: It won’t open on my computer. Do I have to have photoshop to use these cards or is there another way? How much does photoshop cost if I do have to have it?


I’m pretty sure you have to have ps to open and edit.

you need photoshop to edit… adobe photoshop is around 600.00 but they will allow you to download it and try it out for 30 days for free… just make sure you get all your work done before your free trial expires…

Thanks for the info guys. WOW! $600.00 dollars. I didn’t realize I would need that for the cards. Maybe I will try the free trial.

you only need photoshop elements about $100 or less

It’s much easier to use and if your only doing minor edits it works perfect

Or you could just get Photo shop CS2 FOR FREE…

(If Adobe are still doing this, not sure)

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Yea you can usually find photshop elements for under 50 bucks. If its not a real advanced card you can also use the free program GIMP to edit the WCR cards.

hope that helps.

PS we have a webinar in the members section that will show you exactly how to do all the edit points.

No need to spend 50 on elements when you can get CS2 for free though… It even comes with Image ready which is a pared down version that can make things a little simpler if you’ve never used photo shop before :slight_smile:

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You can also download photo shop cs5 on Utorrent and follow the directions and have it for a lifetime for free.

I couldn’t get GIMP to work, even tried another software to convert the files but no luck. Trying out a free trial of photoshop elements and it works great for 90% of the edits so I think I’ll spring the $50 when my trial is up. It looks like I will also need to spend $12 more on a plugin called elements+ to add the capability to edit the grouped layers that are showing up on some of the postcards, that should take care of the last 10% of the edits I need. FYI, i found elements significantly more user friendly than GIMP or photoshop, or going back and forth with a designer to do the edits for me.